The Experience

Our company has been built on our passion, talent and dedication to create an intimate and creative catered (ski) holiday specialist. We set out to make sure our guests experiences something special: gorgeous properties in beautiful locations, a genuine spirit of hospitality, great food prepared by talented chefs, stunning wines, delightful touches and yet, have their stay remain relaxed and informal – it is after all, a holiday.

Our team genuinely cares about making your stay with us as great as it can be and they work very hard to get all the little details just right.

Tasty Food

We don’t just serve up your bog-standard holiday meals, our chefs search out locally sourced, fresh ingredients and serve mouth-watering dishes tailored by these pure products that are genuinely good for you. They’re truly passionate about food and hugely sensitive to the appetite of a hungry skier whilst considering a balanced diet. Our menu is ever changing as we go along with the seasons, but are sumptuous enough to reward mountain exertion yet light and delicate enough to leave you grinning not groaning.

Small Wonders experience tasty food

Creative Chefs make great dishes

Our chefs’ culinary creativity is based on spontaneity, professional expertise, sensitivity and high quality organic products. Their aim is to offer simple regional cuisine enthusing the senses with subtle flavors, creative flair and delicate finesse.

Local, organic and fair trade

The continuous challenge to cook with exceptional ingredients, is leading us to local farmers, little known ingredients and daily markets. We buy the best quality of seasonal ingredients and we don’t cut corners, because then we maximise flavour and freshness.

Staying in one of our catered chalets means enjoying breakfast with home-made products like our self-harvest blue berry and prune jams, absolutely yummy organic apricot juice or having your fried egg served with home-smoked bacon provided by our butcher in Séez.

For the overseas products like coffee, tea and seasonal tropical ingredients, we collaborate with carefully selected fair trade producers. Having a cup of tea becomes a delightful ritual in our ski chalets.

our chefs work with local fresh products

Sumptuous afternoon tea and aperitif with local specialties

Waiting for you on your return from a day on the mountain you can expect delights such as sweet pumpkin pie, carrot pecan nut cake, Savoyard chocolate cake, cheese cake made of locally sourced cream cheese and last but not least our well-known Mountain High apple pie.

After a sumptuous afternoon tea served with finest harvests tea’s, we serve – 6 days a week – delicious local finger food. Our so-called local specialties offer you a wide variety of dry-cured hams, persillé de Tignes, home baked caillettes or the absolutely amazing Beaufort of Sainte Foy de Tarentaise accompanied with a ‘pavé saucisse aux epices’. These aperitifs, taking place in front of the open fire place, create an enchanting, warm ambience wherein our guests feel comfortable in a laid back luxurious setting.

Small Wonder experience happy hour le Chique

Let us whisk you off to the slopes with thoughts of our famous Happy Hour Le Chic. As our returning guests know, twice a week we offer Small Wonders Happy Hour Le Chic on a complimentary basis. We serve exciting champagne/local sparkling wine, white and red wines accompanied by tasty amuses prepared by your private chef. From the braised Vercors sausage to the delicious pan fried scallops with local dried ham and their creamy celeriac dip, you will be amazed by the pure and authentic flavors of our appetizers!

Small Wonders and its fine selection of wines

Great wine is one of our passions and we make sure that our selection of wines is exciting, affordable and includes something that you’ll love, no matter what your taste. You will enjoy superb wines of truly passionate winemakers who will go all the way to highlight the freshness, purity and intoxicating aromas of their small rare production.

Small Wonders experience dining wiht fine wines

Small Wonders feels the joy of sharing those exciting wine tasting moments with you. We commit ourselves to the following three principles:

  1. We proudly present you ‘the wine-experience’. This experience is all about offering you a wide range of exciting wines by pre-booking a wine-arrangement for € 10 per person per night. We will serve a lovely glass of wine with each course at dinner, implying that you will taste a natural Côte-Rôtie!
  2. Our margin on each bottle sold in one of our catered ski chalets is exceptional reasonable and can’t be compared to the prices found in restaurants, hotels or other catered locations. You can enjoy (for example) Bordeaux or Burgundy Grand Cru’s at remarkably affordable prices.
  3. If you feel like having a nice pic-nic or wish to take some of our wines away with you when checking out, you can buy all wines available at take-away prices. This way you are able to enjoy tasty natural wines at the beach or even at home. Our take-away prices are the same as you would have paid at the wine-estates, meaning you won’t find these wines anywhere cheaper.

About us

Small Wonders is the story about the limitless passion to create an intimate and creative catered holiday specialist within the large hospitality world. A small company which goes far beyond the standard hospitality horizon. We strive to transform your holiday in an amazing experience by our attention to detail, the dedication to pureness and authenticity and the urge not to offer a me-too product. These rules are a guide for the further development of an exciting small hospitality business we can be proud of.

Small Wonders presents our vision on how we would like to spend our holidays. Top quality service provided in a warm atmosphere, tasty organic food and natural wines, a genuine spirit of hospitality and our own uniquely designed catered chalets are the cornerstones of Small Wonders.

We think it’s not just about luxury catered ski chalets in the Alps. It’s that we love what we do and we want to make your holiday experience being pure and beautifully different. We care about the environment and we strive to help preserve the planet. This continuous challenge is leading us to local farmers, authentic and fresh ingredients, daily markets and fair-trade products. These standards are already high, but we aim even higher for the future.

Our team pride themselves on their ability to ensure that every aspect of the service is seamless and to anticipate your every need. Your private chef will serve mouth-watering dishes from a menu tailored by regional products. Your hosts will keep your glass topped up with a carefully chosen wine or perfectly mixed gin & tonic and our sales team provides a concierge service to manage every aspect of your catered (ski) holiday from the first contact till after your departure but above all, our service is personal and we will endeavor to make your stay your perfect ski or summer holiday.

Small Wonders is the kind of catered operator where quality goes hand in hand with a relaxed and home away from home atmosphere. We will always stay a small sized catered specialist, and run our very own catered ski chalets in the French Alps, that all come complete with our fabulous team going the extra mile. This philosophy in mind Small Wonders has got her heart set on a community of returning guests looking for a joyful experience in one of her luxury chalets in France.

Looking forward to meeting up and sharing some happy holiday moments together!

The small wonders team