snow forecast

Snow Forecast

Good snow Forecast French Alps

The Alpes have been blessed with major dumps of snow over the past 2 weeks creating that base needed for a good ski season.

We  have had good snow forecast in previous years as well but in the end did not turn into reality whereas now there are ski station like Alpe d’Huez that have opened exceptionally early because of the good conditions.

Is this going to be one of the powder years? Where we can ski from December to May? The last 2 years the snow forecast did not live up to the expectations with the first big dumps of snow in January. Seasons did stretch till the end but mainly skiing over December and January have been disappointing.

For us at Small Wonders it was a pleasant surprize as we have started preparing the chalets and woke up in a winter wonder land starting the day snow shuffling.

Surfing on different website the general snow forecast is that this winter would be slightly colder than the last couple of years as well as more regular snow falling from the skies.

After being in the mountains for many years we know all options are possible. Sometimes winter starts in October and sometimes we don’t get proper snow before the end of December and sometimes there is a break in January.

Whatever happens this year, we at Small Wonder will welcome you with open arms either way and would be pleased to helps you with andy snow and non-snow related activities. Fancy a day shopping in Val d’Isere? We get you over. Feel like spoiling yoursel? We get an in-house massage or get you over to a local spa. Swimming pools, bowling, gyms, bars and restaurants are a few of the many activities to explore in and around the chalets.

snow report